Services .

Create Golf offers a comprehensive design and consultation service to all clients requiring expertise in all aspects of golf course design.

New build projects
Restoration & Renovation
Practice Facilites

Philosophy .

Create Golf is an experienced, creative, and innovative golf course design company specialising in the designing of new golf facilities and the restoration, renovation, and redesign of traditional existing golf courses.

Our philosophy is to spend more time working directly with the landscape at every stage of the project. We devote our time and effort to the creation of the golf course; we work directly with the construction company and the shaper to deliver the best possible product to the client. Our hands-on approach ensures that each golf course designed and crafted by our company will be an enjoyable experience with every element of strategic interest available for the golfer.
We take each project as an individual entity and strive to bring back tradition and fun into modern golf course design.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience and a deep understanding of the game of golf and its history. This allows us to design courses that are both functional and visually pleasing, reflecting each site’s unique character.

Our current portfolio consists of various new builds, practice facilities, restoration, renovation, and redesign work on existing golf courses across seven different countries.